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Rustic Dinning Table



For 25 years, Clearvue Organizing And Design has been assisting clients with their organizing projects. First in Vermont, and for the past 12 years in Sonoma County, Ca

​My desire for balance and beauty was a thrust in adolescence not only with organization, (where I would sometimes dump all my clothes out of their designated spot so that I would have an opportunity to find a better system), but also shined in my spacial awareness. I would spend days and summers designing interiors of rooms on graph paper with colored pencils, and moving furniture around in my bedroom. This habit has continued as an integral part of my day to day living. I was once told that for me my home will be my art.


Keeping a room alive by moving furniture, art, and finding the spaces in between the furniture is equally important as the placement of goods themselves. Using space, color and textures to create warmth and room to breathe is my strength on the home front. 


My path has branched out a few times in my career, bringing expansive experiences that keep adding to my skillset as an organizer. Managing an 18 unit apartment complex and rental properties in California for a few years, has given me a wealth of experience to draw upon as does my experience in the field of bookkeeping. I bring a solid understanding of accounting practices and tax preparation to potential clients looking for an extra set of hands to assist in day to day or monthly upkeep of a home, an office, rental properties or simply a short term project that requires unwavering attention to detail.

Rustic Dinning Table


Life Saver

"Over the last 3 plus years Daisy has helped our whole family grow, move and expand into new spaces and phases of our lives. She brings a thoughtful, calm and very competent energy to all that she does. I especially appreciate her for helping my mother have such a smooth transition from her condo to a residential community."


Oakland, Ca

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