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Rustic Dinning Table

Looking forward to assisting you with your organizing and downsizing needs here in Sonoma County, Ca


Home & Office Organizing

Pantries, kitchen drawers, clothes & linen closets, office work flow, paper piles and garage organization, are just a few of my favorites. I strive to meet people where they are at regarding their stuff while at the same time stirring in movement and space to facilitate freedom in letting go of items that are no longer needed.


I pull from David Allen's GTD framework, Marie Condo's sparking joy philosophy, Michelle Wright's co creative nature research findings, and the application of the Golden Ratio to create harmony, flow, order and life vitality to clients homes and lives.  


I have years of experience helping clients research and narrow down
paint choices, furniture and home goods to be purchased, finding the right hues and style that best suit the space and the client. I have a knack for bringing an art piece alive on a freshly painted accent wall. 


My time might be spent shopping online, visiting design warehouses, purchasing and preparing paint samples, & assisting client with navigating installation of products purchased.  

Property Management

Assisting clients with their rental properties, home maintenance & remodels keeps my attention to detail sharp and my love of tracking progress in the happy seat. Workers comp, liability insurance, repair tracking, seller & buyer inspections, tenant leases, and collecting rent, are arenas I am well versed in after years of managing an apartment complex.


I have also clocked countless hours on job sites painting, cleaning, gardening and handling minor repairs for several years now. 


Often, paper, can be the final frontier in a person's psyche that feels insurmountable and overwhelming. Because I come to the table with a few years as a full charge bookkeeper, I can readily assist clients with their finances and paper piles.


Wether that would be helping with online bill pay, setting up and entering in monthly receipts in Mint or a Quickbooks account, or simply tracking a remodel in Excel, my experience will greatly add to any household short on patience or a lack of love for data entry.

Project Management

Scanning boxes of photos for historical referencing, downsizing a family member to a retirement home, managing a remodel so that you stay on budget or planning an event or family trip are just a handful of my favorite tasks.


I also excel at troubleshooting and taking on smaller projects like setting up a printer, replacing smoke alarms, changing household water filters and smoke alarms, organizing and cataloging paint, setting up appliance manuals..the list goes on!


Cranial sacral therapy, TTouch, massage therapy, and essential oil application, are  courses I have studied and received certifications in throughout the past 30 years. Being an HSP allows me to assist clients who feel challenged by clutter and anxious with managing their process around too little or too much stuff.


I offer tips and tools that can bring a felt sense of peace and calming to any nook or cranny of our inner or outer being-ness during our time working together. Wether it be picking out essential oils that work for a particular issue, or discovering new ways to mentally frame overwhelm with paper piles, I meet clients where they are at, and work from that point. 

Ask me about how the accountability coaching works. A new service I am offering those who would like to work in smaller chunks of time, with a check in on either side of a task or project to be completed. 

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