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What can we help answer regarding our services at Clearvue Organizing And Design?

  • Can you recommend an easy to use method of tracking business expenses without having to purchase a monthly subscription to an app?
    There are so many pre made specialized excel spreadsheets out there to track your expenses. Etsy is a great place to start the search for one that fits your needs. I recently helped a client find one that was tailored for a waxing/brow business. I think the initial template cost her $12 on Etsy. She was using a notebook to post her income by category, but now she simply enters it into a monthly tabbed spreadsheet. Last time I checked in with her, she was loving it:)
  • What is your minimum time slot for organizing?
    I have a 3 hour minimum for organizing in Sonoma County. In Marin County, it is 4 hours.
  • Are you hands on or do you just give direction when it comes to helping me with my paper piles?
    Once we, together, determine what is relevant to hold on to, and what can be recycled, we will come up with a game plan so that I too, can be helping in reducing the piles, while you go through the 'notes' and more important pieces of paper. I might be doing the shredding, or creating new folder labels, if it is necessary for a client to see every piece of paper.
  • Do you have experience working with people who are challenged with ADHD?
    Yes! I have years of experience working side by side with clients with ADHD. I strive to meet each person where they are at and assist through their eyes and ears in order to bring about movement and facilitate new patterns of staying organized, one pile at a time.
  • How do you charge for your design services?
    I charge by the hour in the field of design and spacial planning, as most of what love to do is picking out paint colors for accent walls, and narrowing down choices for clients who are either already working with designers, contractors or other service professionals.
  • I get overwhelmed at making a final choice. How could you help me with that?
    I think that the overwhelm around picking out a final paint color for an accent wall, for example, can be reduced by working with bigger paint swatches, or using apps such as Benjamin Moore's color portfolio to see a prime contender 'sketched up' are just a couple of ways I have worked with clients to find the 'perfect fit'. That being said, life is often filled with small disappointments when dealing with how the inner vision matches up with the outer game, so I feel that being able to roll with choices is equally as important as the color chosen.
  • Do you have a style of design you lean towards?
    I grew up in a rural setting, so the country kitchen look, is something that is near and dear to my heart, but my love for simplicity and clean lines also draws me to modern and modern farmhouse. I like mixing textures, something I learned from a client I have worked with for years. Pushing the envelope of what feels serene and calm with a splash of color or a print to liven up the energy of a room or home.

Color Consult

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