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Bird's Eye View

Have you ever routinely rounded a corner in your home only to catch yourself pausing with labored breath as your peripheral vision targets a dust collecting pile of books or papers? Dealing with feelings of anxiety in relation to one’s clutter can tie us up in knots as an alarm is going off inside our mind and body.

If you can, watch yourself. Observing one’s reactions from a neutral distance is all we might need to release and relax into a more prepared even stance when approaching our piles. Where does that knot go? Does it travel up the length of your spine and burrow its nose in between your shoulder blades? Is it accompanied by panic? A hot flash? Sudden irritability. All signs that anxiety is running the show. Your electrical circuit is saying you better “hold on tight” or “run!”.

Sometimes though, even finding that bird's eye view is not in sight. There is a great article I happened upon last year summarizing how stress effects the brain and the body from The Franklin Institute. There are several action steps listed to help move physically through fight or flight rhythms in our body, allowing our mind an opportunity come into alignment with our breath so we can find that inner calm so we can carry on!

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