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Getting Unstuck

Judgement and the minds’ agenda can be a really tricky construct when trying to stay organized.

Witnessing, is the most powerful first step to getting out of the patterns that keep us feeling powerless over our piles. The second is giving our cyclical minds something constructive, rather than destructive, to do.

One of the key lessons I received from my riding lessons back in Vermont years ago, was to keep my eyes out in front of me, with soft eyes and to see 360 degrees around me. I learned to take in my surroundings as I rode. The second part of my training was to know where I wanted to end up. Wether it was at the end of the lane or the corner of the next field, my destination was essential in learning how to steer the horse and I successfully. How I wanted to feel at the end of my trip was equally as important. How did I see myself feeling at the end of the ride?


Satisfied with myself?

Proud of my steps?


At that time in my life I was very focused on getting it “right” so those two exercises were more important for me back then, rather than knowing how to handle the reins. These days, staying in my right mind means dropping back and seeing with soft 360 eyes. I can still get tunnel vision, leaning too heavily on my own constraints, of how to manage my to do lists correctly, or judging myself for not being able to ever find something, but catching my reflection in the act, followed by a reorienting myself to the bird's eye view works wonders in shifting my mind and judgements to the positive aspects of my present state of being.

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