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Fall Equinox 2023

Fall is a time when the garden moves into and poses its most relaxed state of being, having spent the latter days of summer at its highest state of productivity, delivering bounty to the bees, our kitchen table and to our overall well being, here on this earth, partaking in the harvest. The air is diffused with autumn light, golden and crisp. Leaves turning and effortlessly letting go, allowing for the unknown of the coming cycle and what it might bring. New seeds sown.

Relishing in the quiet and stillness of the fall, I seem to be finding myself these past few days, in the middle of deepening my connection with my own inner garden by coming back to the question, "Just now, is there room inside my beingness for more spaciousness?" The answer is always yes, as my lungs take in a deeper breath, and I naturally exhale any worries, or anxieties. The next question is, "In that spaciousness, Is there anything I am moved to do in this next cycle of expansion, growth and upliftment? Any seeds I would like to plant?"

And the final question I cant help but ask, as an organizer at heart, "How can I use this tool of spaciousness to assist in other areas of my life, namely my profession as an organizer?" and so stay tuned for Using Spaciousness to Help Reclaim Your Domain.



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