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Spring Equinox 2024

Updated: Apr 14

Wether or not one tends the soil, or a professional or family life, near and around the spring equinox is a great space in time to go within and make concrete plans for the coming years garden. A surge of energy rises up and around us, moving us along with the Earths next growth cycle. What a great gift to capitalize on as we formulate and lay down on paper our strategies and plans for our own growth, in whatever arena we choose to place our focus.

As I am writing this, achievable goals are surfacing out of the stillness of this quiet grey day here in Sonoma County. The Juniper hedge that is over enthusiastically taking over the front patio garden, carved into a softer, lighter, and freer feeling hedge, allowing the light to come through without taking away privacy screen it provides. Totally doable over the next few months, one purple compost bin at a time! Allowing creativity to spill over into other arena's of my day to day, would be the second item on the list, in this sea of summer possibilities. Choosing to branch out and explore new territories where my creative self expression has a chance to blossom and shine.

Does anything come to mind that you would like to see a marked growth and expansion on that is externally referenced? or within the quietness of your own beingness? If so, what would be the first thing that comes to mind that you might be able to put on a checklist, or in your gardening log of, Would Like to Accomplish by the Summer Solstice?


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