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Summer Solstice 2022

Updated: May 22, 2023

At the summer solstice, our gardens are in full creation mode. They are producing and growing in leaps and bounds, capitalizing on the vital energy available to it this time of year. Such a beautiful sight to see. The climbing and organizing oneself around cages and wires to position itself in the most productive light to be found by plants #1 best friend, pollinators.

Such an accomplishment to witness, and notice, how the outer workings of a garden are reflected in us humans as well. Feeling a push to move out and expand into the terrain of my life, mowing down anything in my path to freedom, limitless, unending creativity and productivity are just some of the signs of summers growth I feel. And yet something tells me now is also the time to pay attention to my inner state of beingness.

To the I AM, the flow that breathes me in and breathes me out, unfettered by the external yang energy. Moving my focus to that place in the midst of both the expansive and rising energy, brings the concentration needed to perform the smallest task in order to complete each moment, followed by the next. Moving into Awareness, moving into Beauty, moving into Wisdom, moving into the Intellect. Folding this pile of laundry to completion, putting the folded laundry away to completion, putting the laundry basket back where it belongs, completion. Acknowledging and feeling good about the task being done. Completion.

This inner flow feels right and proper to move from as summer gets its stride on. Taking the time to tune in and ask “Is there anything I have been meaning to tend to that I keep putting off, that I can handle right now?” Knowing that the practice of moving into the no-thingness can be an opportunity to meet the all knowingness of the now.

Happy Summer Solstice!


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