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Winter Solstice 2020

Updated: May 10, 2023

I love this time of the year simply because it is the perfect time to go inward and reflect back on what has made us shine, trials we traversed, and where we think we would like to be in the coming months. Dreamtime and drawing from experience to determine the path we would like to stay on, or get off.

What do you want more of as the winter turns to spring? How do you want your relationships to feel? Can you see yourself having more of what you desire?

Now is the time to start writing those thoughts down and asking yourself questions to spark the creative side of the brain to think outside the boxes that we may have placed ourselves in in order to feel satisfied with what is. Below are some questions for goal setting I have gathered over the years, that might get the heart stirring and the blood pumping for new beginnings.

What goals have given up on? How can you best support yourself in achieving your goals? What would you need to give up in order to reach one of your top five goals? If you reached set goal, will that make you a ‘better’ person? If not, do you still want to make strides to reach that goal?


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